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5 Stars!

Very funny! You're great! Should join Jim Henson co. Hilarious! And great score! It'sm from Spirited Away! I like Hiyao Miyazaki!

Seriously, Rev Heng Sure, do you have any advice for me? Cos I feel myself drifting away a little...

Michael Babcock works at Jim Henso Co.

Thank you the Rev. Sure, I'd like to share this video to my niece who was born in last Tiger Year. She has so lovely character and intelligence. But you know..she is a teenager now. Sometimes, she gets in trouble with her parents. Hope her family will get together with love and peace in the future twelve months, a Year of the Tiger Valentine.

I really like it and appreciate your kindness to teach dharma in a easy to access way.

Rev. Heng Sure, you're a sweet man. Thanks a million for making this and lifting our hearts!

what could we say..its such a wonderful and refreshing way to teach us the Dharma through muppets which reminds me of my child days where Sesame Street taught me about what is good & what is bad..it really left a deep impression on my mind till this day..

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