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Thanks for the update.

This is my favorite sutra.

So far we have 38 poeple registered at Bodhiway, about 30 poeple on Y.C‘s list from Berkeley Monastery, 10 poeple from Atalanta Buddhist Association...

This disciple bows in deep respect, once again in awe of the superlative translation work done by BTTS, in this case the Universal Door Chapter. What wondrous language, what faithful representation of the Buddha's words, and what an excellent version of the teaching that will benefit numerous people who speak English. The words are simply alive to the point of being melodious. It's poetry at its highest and most beneficial form.

The Chinese version always brings tears to my eyes. Now the English version is just as sublime.

Homage to the Venerable Master who had the wisdom to spearhead this translation work, and deep gratitude to those who are behind this work. There simply isn't anything quite up to this standard in the world.

May the Buddha's light eternally bless us all.



Being away from the temple. teachers and friends, it's so precious to receive such information. Because of the economy that I was tranplanted in Montana. Thanks to the internet and technology that I feel home spritually when I am still in touch with the activity of the temple.


Thuy Singer


I would like to register for Recitation of the "Universal Door Chapter" of the Lotus Sutra.
I am still not quite understand about the project.
Please explain more if my understanding is not correct.

I understand that I recite by myself at home 100x of this chapter. then on August 15, 2009 I will go to Berkley and join the service of transferring the merit?

I am from Sunnyvale Zen Center and Gold Sage Monastery.
Sincerely, Anh Tran

Dear Anh:

You understood right. Set your own pace for recitation. Enjoy this wonderful Sutra!

[email protected]

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