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Your message is very uplifting and inspiring to help us dealing with everyday mundane life. But again, when I really think about it, happiness is such a come and go thing, a person who is very happy by getting married is only being happy at that moment, I really don't see what is the big deal of it, especially knowing what comes along after a marriage. We have to work very hard at making a marriage work, might as well working hard at making us enlightened. I guess it all depends on what our goal in life is...

Your practical guide is truly valuable indeed.

I am happiest when I meditate -- to share my happiess is to do group meditation. So is studying and hearing the sutra. To share my knowledge of Buddhist teaching is my utmost joy in life!

Thanks for sharing Master!

“If we don't know how to deal with happiness, we surely aren’t able to deal with sadness, grief, fear or anger either.” Dharma Master Heng Sure

“Happiness is such a come and go thing” Angela

How much pain (sadness, grief, fear or anger) or joy (Happiness) can a person take physically and mentally?
Pain, no ones like it, not even a little. Escape from it, whenever we can.
Joy (Happiness), oh yes, the more the better, indulgence and obsession rules.

Should we deal with pain first since it is the one we are trying to escape or avoid? Well, this arise some questions, why do we just don't like pain? Where are pains come from?


Hi, I am a lay person and new to this forum and I like to listen to dharma talk.

With regard to happiness, I thought we should consider it as part of the "Eight winds", thus we should not show any emotions when we are happy or sad. Instead we should be mindful of Buddha name or of the Dharma door we are practicing.

On the other hand I am confused because if we people are not "moved" by the Eight winds, we will also not smile nor laugh. Is this the right way to practice? I sincerely request your teaching.

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