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This story is only half of the truth. My little sister is the woman who is there with them...oh wait, you don't show any pictures of her with the other two...thats funny, I wonder why that is. My little sister arrived at Occupy Oakland around midnight to film what was happening. Shortly after arriving she sat done and stayed in the very same spot she was arrested at. She sat there for nearly 6 hours. She sat there before the other two gentlemen showed up.

I don't type this to bring praise to my sister. But write this to stop the media from spreading falsehood about what happened. This story takes away from what really happened that night. From the true story. The true story is 3 people meditated peacefully on the steps of city hall and were arrested and charged unfairly. My little sister was charged with disorderly conduct, loitering without a pass, and failure to disperse. True she was asked to leave, but what harm was she or the three of them doing?

With your story you have shifted eyes to focus on something that really isn't there. You do my little sister, Pancho, Adelaja, the others who got arrested, and our society a diservice

To Ryan Graves:
D.M. Heng Sure mentioned : This post is shared from Nipun Mehta's Google+ article.
He wasnt there and he just posted an article published in the internet. if you are angry, please go to the site address that he referred to, and scold the person who started this thing off. that's pretty harsh of you to say, "You do my little sister, Pancho, Adelaja, the others who got arrested, and our society a disservice." I understand your dissatisfaction but there's no need to shoot him. all you have to do is to explain nicely. you are scolding a monk for accusing him for being biased or something?? please dont jump into conclusions so quickly. he doesnt even know who your sister was, but he knew the other two guys. that's kinda obvious.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize that this was a repost. My intention wasn't to accuse him of being biased. He is still a human being and therefore, monk or not, is capable of being biased. But that is beside the point. The point is the media has distorted the truth. This isn't a bad story no, but it isn't the truth. And the truth is the more we spread the false truths or half truths the media presents we are doing a diservice. I am sorry that I attacked the wrong person. Normally I do not like to be negative on blogs and things like this because it serves no purpose but I had assumed that this was the originating article. If you read my post I clearly think that I am talking to the media. And in all honesty I do not feel that my words were even that harsh. The last sentence sure, but the rest of it. No. However apologies are in order for my assumption that I was speaking to the fabricator of this story. My apologies.

A plaza is public space. It is a commons.


In jail Pancho was made to wear a red jump suit. The Red color is for the -most dangerous - prisoner. Monks wear red or orange and monks are less than %1 of the population. In the eyes of the capitalist, these Buddhist monks are the most dangerous 1%.

In Burma, the generals could see the orange and red in the protest lines. They didn't like it one bit and now Burmese monks are tortured hourly. The general's minions change a Buddhist monk into a crazy guy.

Who was there meditating with Pancho? Why do some people get noticed and others get ignored? I think the cameras were seeing Pancho as a leader of the motionless insurrection.

Ryan, I agree with you completely. I noticed a young woman meditating with the two men in the first batch of photos and looked for mention of her name. She looked brave and completely part of the effort to bring peaceful energy to a tense confrontation. I saw another photo of her being led away by the police and wondered whether she had also been released at the same time as Adelaja. I asked the author of the article I posted if he knew anything about her and he had no news. If she were my sister I would want her courage to be acknowledged. I hope no harm came to her.

I just stumbled into this thread of comments, and wanted to respond to Ryan.

Like everyone else, the photos I saw that morning were from the media. I wasn't there, but I later learned that 32 people were there and arrested. And in fact, aside from the meditators, there was interfaith tent led by 78-year-old Franciscan priest, Father Louise Vitale -- who has been jailed for civil disobedience over 300 times! http://articles.latimes.com/2009/apr/09/local/me-protest-priest9

I salute all of those 32 people! And the many more, like at UC Davis, who are actively innovating new technologies of nonviolence to speak their truth.

My original post was like FaceBook wall post, within few hours of the arrest; it was very personal, biased, and about two friends whom I know very well. Week in and week out, Pancho, Adelaja and their friends meditate two days every week at Cesar Chavez park; they serve the community in so many ways even when the cameras aren't rolling. This is certainly not to demean the contribution of others, but simply to honor those whose work I personally value.

Additionally, while 31 of the folks got released that same day, Pancho was held in "red jacket" solitary confinement for four days, with no vegetarian food (he ate two oranges), and picked up by ICE to be deported. Fortunately, more than 20,000 people from various communities rallied to get Pancho released (in a somewhat unprecedented move by ICE), but his willingness to put so much on the line, in the spirit of promoting nonviolence, is quite exemplary. More about Pancho's inspiring life journey is here: http://www.dailygood.org/view.php?sid=117

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