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i agree! dharmaradio.org is a wonderful website. it has helped me keep in tune with my spiritual self (technology and spirituality, funny enough). thank you! :)
Also because i personally feel that when i am traveling with sutras or images, i have this constant worry of misplacing it or being disrespectful by not putting it on a clean place. thank goodness for the invention of light laptops and webcasting.


Wow! It's amazing that I could listen to Ven. Master's talk on Hua Yan Jing from Malaysia.

Well, I just hope that I am able to download Ven. Master Hsuan Hua's lectures online. I just called up Tze Yun Dong the other day and they said that the mp3s will be out soon in future :) but I do hope it will be available online one day :D

May the true dharma be with us always,
Dharma Worker

This message is to express my appreciation for archiving DM's Saturday Suttra lecture so we can listen to it whenever we can.


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